This space was created from the need of questioning our societies, cultures and systems made by human beings. Views, ideas and values presented here are a result of my 15-year experiences, psychotherapy, mentoring, coaching, self-education, observations, reflections, and contemplating. I’m a psychologist and a psychotherapist. However, I incorporate an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to understand the world and humanity. This means studying and combining fields such as sociology, philosophy, anthropology, maths, history, neurology, linguistics, religion, anthropology, economy, politics etc.

To rebel is my lifestyle and the foundation of my blog. Rebellion incorporates values such as freedom, connection, authenticity, awareness, and courage.

‘I rebel, therefore we exist’

(Albert Camus)

My life maxim is:

“Take the risk of thinking for yourself, much more happiness, truth, beauty, and wisdom will come to you that way”

(Christopher Hitchens)

My mission

My life mission is to create an emotionally healthy, aware and fulfilled society. The most important part of this goal is in the conscious and wise upbringing of new generations, since:

‘It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men’

(Frederick Douglas)

In order to accomplish this, first we need emotionally healthy and self-aware adults. Therefore, we need to heal ourselves.

The idea underpinning my mission is that adulthood to a large and unimaginable extent is determined by our childhood. It is a result of our early experiences in the family, at school and culture where we grew up. Certainly, childhood was for many of us full of carefree times and happy memories, when we were surrounded by love, care and attention from our carers. However, despite the best intentions of our parents, part of our child needs have not been met. Many of us have experienced criticism, physical or emotional abandonment, neglect, humiliation, violence and trauma. Sadly, some of us were brought up in the atmosphere of fear, duty, shame and guilt.

Ironically, many of us spend our whole lives in ignorance without being aware how our messed up childhood impacts our current life. If our child’s needs were not met, our adult life will be focused on compensating them, usually in a maladaptive way. And even worse, we too often thoughtlessly transfer the same mistakes and patterns on our children. Whatever our childhood was, we are not to blame at all. Yet, as mature adults we are responsible for honestly reviewing our past, healing our wounds and rebuilding kind relationship with ourselves.

The world would be a much beautiful place with happier people, if we adults understood, how a big responsibility we hold for every vulnerable child we decide to bring to the earth. We should do everything in our power to be good enough parents who will raise an emotionally healthy and resilient child. It’s not about perfection, it’s about being good enough.

In my imaginable ideal world we will be more likely to lead a happy, fulfilling and meaningful existence. Because a satisfied person is not interested in complaining, harming others, violence and wars. A happy person is not thirsty for authoritative and greedy power, is not interested in getting rich at the expense of others or destroying the environment. An individual who likes himself/herself is not filled with jealousy, bitterness, frustration or vengeance. Because fulfilled people have high self-esteem, truly love themselves and others, acquire skills to build healthy and intimate relationships, work in a job that gives them meaning or pleasure. Their emotions and a mind cooperate together, they are mentally liberated from dependency and from fear of authority, are acquainted with their values, needs and are capable to meet them. They build resilience and are ready to face life difficulties.

This sounds idealistic, as I’m a dreamer. And I’m crazy enough to believe that we can change the world.